Unleashing a World of Infinite Dimensions

November 28, 2022

By Serafin Diaz, Former XCOM Labs Vice President of XR 

Takeaways from those who have tried VR experiences range from appreciating the technology to complaining about “the backpack was too heavy and limited my mobility” or “the lag made me nauseous.” Even with great content and high-resolution graphics, additional equipment or an unreliable network can make an experience appear game-like rather than “immersive.”

Can users really enjoy an experience or learn from a simulation while wearing unnecessary gear or heavy VR Head-Mounted Displays? 

An immersive XR experience is one that is free from cables, or untethered.  VIREWIRX (formerly XCOM labs) Wireless XR platform provides a high throughput, low latency network that combines millimeter wave (mmW) technology with a split-rendering end-to-end solution to enable XR seamless and lifelike experiences.

Our Wireless XR platform enables the edge compute to nearby servers for rendering services. Remoting data already happens everywhere. None of us keep the data on our phones anymore. It’s all in the cloud supported by remote servers. You cannot cram everything into the headset. Our wireless XR platform was designed to support VR and AR experiences using split-rendering software to process the heavy visual workloads in edge compute servers.

Our system connects the user’s headset (or HMD) to a small radio that transmits a mmW signal to access points in the ceiling. Those access points track the user mobility and communicate with the edge computer where the data is processed. By doing so, users no longer need to wear heavy backpacks or be “plugged-in” while immersed in an experience.

The magic of our wireless system is the fact that it operates in the 60GHz of spectrum.   60GHz is a globally available frequency that delivers high bandwidths and is lowly regulated. 60GHz is free from interference which allows Wireless XR to be deployed anywhere and operate independently rather than rely on WiFi. Another advantage of our system is that it utilizes very small antennas. Placing multiple antennas in a single device allows us to change the signal focus and steer the signal. Doing so allows us to manage interference and blockage while maximizing the delivery of bits to the user.

The Wireless XR access points dynamically to evaluate which access point is best suited to serve each user and starts delivering data to the user as he or she moves seamlessly between the access points. 

In the image above, a user has a strong connection that is visualized via the access point beaming down on the right. When that connection is blocked, our software determines the next best access point to emit signal and switches. See image below that shows the access point switch after the original signal is blocked.
We have pushed the limits of many of the hardware platforms out there. We have created a multi-user, high performance, low latency platform to unleash a world of infinite dimensions supporting:

• Multiple simultaneous users: up to 400 mbps of streaming content per user.

• Full, free movement: covers large spaces, without cables or backpack computers.

• Ultra-low latency: for a truly comfortable, natural user experience.

• Lightweight XR headsets: moves heavy processing loads to edge compute.

• Millimeter wave (mmW): uses the interference-free, globally available 60GHz band.

• 4K resolution at 90 fps: for ultra-high definition, real-time video.

Interested in seeing VIREWIRX Wireless XR in action and experiencing it for yourself? VIREWIRX will be in Orlando at I/ITSEC 2022 from Nov. 28 – Dec. 2. Visit us at booth #365. No appointment necessary.