The Future of Virtual Reality

Wireless Experiences

VIREWIRX is a leading innovator in Virtual Reality Wireless Experiences and redefining how we engage with technology in the era of virtual reality.

Low-Latency Wireless experiences eliminating motion sickness.

60GHz Network for XR

  • Enables XR use of mmW networks
  • Multi-user mobility with robust low latency and consistent, massive throughput
  • Globally available band with large amounts of interference-free spectrum

Split Rendering for XR

  • Enables untethered premium XR experiences to a set of mobile users
  • Allows heavy processing loads to be moved into the network, or edge computer
  • Precisely manages latency and throughput to provide optimum mobile experience

Endless Integrations

Virewirx Enabled Applications

VIREWIRX enables seamless and secure mobile extended reality (XR) experiences and our patented technologies leverage unlicensed spectrum to power secure mobile extended reality experiences.

Location-Based Entertainment
Autonomous Vehicles
Remote Collaboration
Sport Experiences
Leaning and Specialized Training
Smart Warehouses and Buildings

On a Mission to
Invent the Future

VIREWIRX is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge wireless technologies that fulfill the potential of next-generation mobile networks, enabling high-performance applications.

Meet the Team

Founded in 2018 by wireless executives who spearheaded the global 1G to 5G transformation, we embody a belief in limitless possibilities and the delivery of the unexpected. Our guiding mantra is #KeepInventing, reflecting our commitment to shaping the future.

Attracting top engineering talent, we are dedicated to building the mobile networks of the future today. By innovating with edge compute and embracing other advancements, VIREWIRX is actively creating the foundations for the mobile platforms that will drive tomorrow’s technological landscape.

The Virewirx leadership team consisting of 3 men wearing blue suits

With our mobile XR platform, you can create experiences that simply weren’t possible before Virewirx.


Paul Jacobs CEO

We’ve combined advanced wireless and multimedia technology to create the next level of immersive experiences.


Matt Grob  CTO

Up-to-date insight and keynotes from our leadership

CEO Paul Jacobs speaks to Bloomberg Wall Street week

VIREWIRX Chairman & CEO Paul Jacobs shared his insights on the worldwide semiconductor shortage and what to expect in the future. “We’re going to continue to see a strong demand because not everything is digitized yet.” Watch interview here  

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VireWirx + The Void Take the Stage at AWE

VIREWIRX and The VOID took the stage at AWE USA 2022 with Vice President of XR, Serafin Diaz, joining The VOID’s CTO Steve Duckworth at the Santa Clara Convention Center on June 3, 2022 to share how we’re collaborating to create the most immersive VR experience...

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Why Join Virewirx?

The VIREWIRX leadership team has developed world-changing technologies before. Now, they’re opening the next frontier in mobile computing and connectivity, and they want you on the team!

Work with industry experts and VR pioneers

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Enjoy a quality lifestyle and work environment

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