XCOM Labs Collaborates with The VOID to Create an Immersive Virtual Reality Experience at AWE USA 2022

XCOM Labs multi-user virtual reality system paired with The VOID’s location-based entertainment experience demonstrates unlimited possibilities for entertainment 

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (June 2, 2022) – XCOM Labs, a high-performance wireless technology innovator, and The VOID, a hyper-reality experiential entertainment creator, are combining the best of wireless innovation and imagination for a hyper-realistic virtual reality experience on June 1 – 3 at AWE USA 2022

“The VOID is a powerful experience that completely immerses people in an extremely lifelike virtual world. To ensure that nothing interferes with the user’s experience, it deserves to be experienced with the highest throughput, lowest latency wireless system possible,” said Paul Jacobs, CEO of XCOM Labs. “Enabling creators like The VOID is a big reason why we keep inventing at XCOM Labs.”

The VOID experience showcases XCOM Labs’ multi-user wireless VR system delivering a cinematic-quality user experience. XCOM Labs has achieved breakthroughs in throughput and latency and moved processing of complex, realistic VR rendering from the device to powerful edge computing servers. This creates a seamless, natural experience that can be enjoyed by multiple users with no sacrifice in user experience or image quality and no need of wired connections to powerful computers.

“We’re excited to be working with XCOM Labs and welcoming the world to the future of location-based entertainment. We call it hyper-reality because the user experience goes beyond scenes and sounds to include motion, temperature and so much more,” explained Adrian Steckel, CEO of The VOID. “The VOID needs a seamless, highly reliable wireless VR system to support our data-intensive, lifelike visual simulations and real-time sensory responses. XCOM Labs delivers that.”

XCOM Labs’ wireless and multimedia breakthroughs enable high performance applications and use cases in both 5G licensed and unlicensed spectrums.  The extended reality experiences being demonstrated at AWE use millimeter wave spectrum in the globally available 60GHz unlicensed band.  During AWE USA 2022, attendees with reservations can experience XCOM Labs Wireless XR virtual reality system and The VOID in Room #210 on the second level of the Santa Clara Convention Center. 

Learn more about XCOM Labs at www.xcom-labs.com and The Void at www.thevoid.com

About XCOM Labs

XCOM Labs is delivering on the promise of next-gen mobile technologies. Founded in 2018 by the former executive and technology team that developed and/or launched Qualcomm’s pioneering 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and other transformative wireless technologies, XCOM Labs has attracted some of the world’s most accomplished mobile, software and hardware talent. Headquartered in San Diego, XCOM Labs has developed a suite of patented technologies leveraging licensed and unlicensed spectrum for seamless and secure mobile XR experiences and ultra-high performance 5G and next-gen networks serving military, defense, entertainment, communications, logistics and warehousing, training and development and medical tech leaders. To learn more about XCOM Labs, visit www.xcom-labs.com


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